Where Do You Buy Your Coupon Inserts?

I don’t buy the Sunday paper.  Instead I purchase my whole coupon inserts from Capri’s Coupons.  Capri’s Coupons sells whole coupon inserts at a low price.  Coupon inserts are sold in sets of 5. For example: If we received a Smart Source, Red Plum and P&G insert in Sunday’s paper, and you order a set of each insert, than you would receive (5) SS, (5) RP and (5) P&G inserts. Pricing is as follows….

insert prices

You can even set up a monthly plan. Going this route means there is need to reorder each week because it will be already taken care of.  Kim is awesome to work with and she gets your inserts out fast so you can use them ASAP. Plus, look at the picture above.  Wouldn’t you be happy to get all of this in the mail?  I know I am.  I wouldn’t buy my whole coupon inserts anywhere else.

If you would like to order extra coupon inserts, head over to Capri’s Coupons.  Click on the drop-down menu on the right side of the page to select which insert you would like to purchase and pay via Paypal. Orders for upcoming inserts ship on the Mon/Tues after the insert comes out. Orders for past inserts ship within a 24 period. Check out Capri’s Coupons because she won’t let you down.

–Tell her I sent you.

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  1. I checked out Capri’s Coupons and they’re expensive – $50 per month for one insert!!! There are plenty of other options for much cheaper!

    • The website I believe said it was 5 inserts per set each week……meaning you will possibly could receive up to 40-50 inserts each month

    • Its not $50 a month for one insert — its $50 a month to get 5 of every insert each week for a month!  It comes out to be pretty cheap. Under $1 for each insert-much cheaper than  buying 5 papers every week for a month (this is at least 1/4 the price)…. I am def going to sign up and do that. getting 5 of EVERY insert every week! Omg! Yay! 

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. $50 a month is exactly twice the price of simply subscribing to a 5x weekend edition of my local newspaper for a month with all the Sunday inserts included. Why would anyone want to pay twice as much for inserts to be sent later in the week when they can be delivered directly to my door on Sunday morning? Maybe I am missing something here, but you might want to check around for deals on weekend only packages for newspapers before committing to this.

  3. We found a cheaper solution coming out of texas I believe, they usually post inserts on friday or saturday and have smartsource & P&G but no red plums unfortunately! Everything they ship is priority mail so we get them quick. Havent had any issues thus far, you might give them a gander and see what you think. http://www.relaiblecouponclippers.com

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