How to set up vyprvpn on an android phone

The vyprvpn free account has been limited to the users of the mobile applications and the desktop who wants to connect to the VPN service.  The vyprvpn is free account type and it is available for the sign-up using the Android vyprvpn and iOS or desktop vyprvpn app. The account has free one time data usage of 500 MB data. It has 2 simultaneous connection, chameleon, openVPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP. If you need more data usage, you should buy it. A VyrpVPN coupon code can always save you some money.The VyprDNS is an exclusive DNS service and it is provided by the Golden Frog. It comes with a NAT Firewall and the access to the Cyphr which is a free app that encrypt the message.


The vyprvpn is known to be the best app to have since contrary to its competitors, the provider is the owner of the server so there is no third party included. The service is secure and fast on the best connection.

It is the fastest VPN in the world since it has been engineered by the VyprnVPN and it has the highest level of the speed with the security for the broadband internet connection. The app uses easy to use and it can be set up on any device. The vyprvpn is easy to use and beautiful app for router, TV, iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

The vyprvpn has over 50 plus server in the entire world in over 5 continents. It has more than 200,000 global IPs connections that are always available.  If you want to install the vyprvpn in your Android phone,

  • You have to go to the settings, to application and tap more in Wireless and the Networks section.
  • You can then tap at the VPN
  • You can then add the VPN network
  • Then type the vyprvpn in a name field and then go the PPTP in Type field and then enter to the server hostname in the list name and then tap at the Save.
  • To open the vyprvpn, you should open settings application and then tap at More in the Wireless and Network section
  • Tap at VPN
  • Go at vyprvpn
  • Open using the login option as an email address or a password and use the correct capitalization and then Save Account information and then go to Connect
  • The vyprvpn is not open and you can start to use it.

If you want to configure the vyprvpn, you should go to the settings application, then tap at More and go the Wireless and Network area, you can then tap at VPN and then tap at Add VPN network. Here you should type the vyprvpn as a field name and go to the PPTP from Type Field and then enter the server hostname found at the List tap. You can then tap at save.

To connect, you need to open the settings application, to tap at more and tap at VPN and then go to the vyprvpn. You can then enter the username and the pass word and then tap at the save account information and then go to connect.

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