Tunnelbear VPN review

Tunnelbear is a best free VPN for Mac OS app, Windows app, iOS app, Android app, and Chrome extension. Tunnelbear is an unobtrusive and efficient VPN provider that focuses to provide a big standard service to those who have less knowledge. TunnelBear is truly amazing for money service, and it is reliable, affordable and quick VPN program. Let’s review on the Tunnelbear VPN service mentioned below:


Being Canada based VPN: the TunnelBear approaches with its amazing media and aspires at daily consumers. Their designs give a friendly look and best standard service. Its servers are positioned in nine countries that provide best security check, fine speeds, and provide open VPN connections and extremely minimum logging.

Plans and pricing

This easy TunnelBear VPN program is value upgrading to its paid edition. They provide package for yearly and monthly basis. They are even offered to the users at discounted prices for lengthy time phase they register for. They also contain a completely free “Little Bear” edition, but executed with 500MB restricted download. TunnelBear package is quite reasonable in price, though provides a competitive service with little negotiation. If you have a TunnelBear coupon code, the price will be cheaper.

Zip disturbing tracker

With this VPN, you can block site trackers (like ads, analytics, scripts, social buttons) which track every single thing that you, your friends and family do online.

Experience internet

You can experience the internet as if you are located in another country. The VPN can smoothly tunnel you about in block and censorship sites to another country of your selecting it.

Browse privately

With this VPN, you can effortlessly make sure your own data and also hide your IP address behind a bear.


TunnelBear VPN service has a helpful and better forum that answers few of the user’s general questions being asked on the site. The ticket support is also amazing and thus it was found that the support team was wonderful. Users can acquire the help and support 24/7 and they are forever ready to help them, clearing all their distrusts on TunnelBear.

Tunnelbear site

This is a best site with accessible interface and accurate design. They showcase their important information along with Twitter promos. Even their social network is maintained up-to-date with very important info concerning their expansions exhibited rightly. Their performance level is top on the basis of speed IP test and DNS. The speed remains pretty sufficiently stable enough for high day-to-day use. No issue is seen with DNS leak test and IP tests.

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